Hello and welcome to Sidrat Studios!

I provide music production and graphic design services for artists of any genre. My cosy studio is perfectly suited to the production of most modern and traditional types of music. The live room is ideal for recording vocals, from singing to spoken word. It's also a great space for recording solo acoustic instruments, including acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments, as well as solo brass, woodwind and percussion.

I use advanced MIDI sequencing techniques to create original backing music, from simple accompaniments to full backing tracks. I then bring all these recorded and sequenced sound sources together into a coherent, mixed track. Taking on the role of music producer, I would offer my experience and guidance throughout the creative process in order to help steer your music in a certain direction, perfecting your own individual and unique sound.

My name’s Dan, I’m the owner and director of Sidrat Studios, a music production studio close to Chelmsford town centre, Essex. In fact, the studio is at the bottom of my little garden and I do all the work myself; a one-man-band, as it were. I am purely self-taught, with a passion for music of all kinds - and I have 25 years’ experience making it, too. I like to think my work speaks for itself, because I always approach every track with the same objective - to make it shine!

Recording - Studio live room

Vocal Recording

Capture your live vocal performance. Singers, rappers and other voice artists can perform along to any backing track supplied (or original backing music - see Sequencing for details). I also have experience of recording and editing spoken word for published audio books, commercial advertising, automated telephone systems and various other purposes.

Instrument Recording

If you’re a solo artist or duo, I can mic up and record you playing your instruments live - whether they're acoustic or electric - such as guitar, bass, violin, flute, trumpet, harmonica, cello, keyboards, piano, etc., etc... I can then add your vocals afterwards, or in some circumstances, I can record them as you play, if you feel more comfortable performing that way.

Mixing - Studio control room

Multi-channel Mixing and Editing

Mixing incorporates a wide range of skills, using various techniques, not least of which is editing the raw audio waveform, which requires considerable experience and accuracy to achieve a good result. I’ve been honing my mixing and editing skills for over 12 years and I’ve learned some hard lessons - as well as a few tricks. Balancing a mix between several instrument layers and vocals can be an art form in itself, but a final mix often comes down to personal preference, just as much as technical execution.

So, if you’ve already made your recording, but you’re just not satisfied with the mix, I’ll be happy to have a listen to it. Often all you need is a fresh pair of ears and some minor tweaks here and there, but occasionally you simply have to start from scratch, stripping the track back and taking a new approach; the fresh start alone can improve a track no end.

Sequencing - Studio control room

Backing Tracks

Creating original backing tracks for a wide variety of musical styles is one of my specialities; I build beats and loops for many modern genres, as well as composing more traditional music. I use a combination of software applications and hardware equipment to produce my music, with a wide range of plug-ins and gear to choose from, depending on what is required for the job.


I'm well experienced in sequencing many real world instruments, from acoustic drums to full orchestral arrangements, as well as more modern sounds, like pounding bass lines and electronic synth mayhem. These musical elements can be composed to work with your own live instruments, whether solo or a full band, to complement and enrich your tracks.

The creation and production of music are very similar processes, and in some circumstances the two are inseparable; in fact in most cases, when I am recording and mixing (and especially sequencing) a track for a client, I can't help contributing a certain amount towards the production of that track. However, as much as I tend to offer some occasional advice throughout the process, this is intended as guidance only, and unless specifically asked to take on the role of the producer, I am happy to allow the artist to dictate the direction their music takes.

However, I have worked with a variety of vocalists, solo artists, duos and bands in order to help them achieve their own unique sound and produce original tracks. Depending on the artist and the type of music, it’s likely that I will use an assortment of microphones, software and hardware equipment such as sequencers, drum machines, synths and samplers. Also, my network of contacts includes some very talented musicians capable of adding a range of live instrumentation to your tracks.

Production - Studio control room

Another service I provide is graphic design, creating original cover artwork and layouts, ready to be sent to print, assuming you are producing a CD or vinyl. Alternatively, designs can be provided in digital format for online use, such as Facebook and other social media. As well as cover art, booklets, inserts and inlays, I also specialise in logo design and the creation and application of visual identities for musicians, artists and bands, something which can be achieved in a number of ways.

Among other things, I also design eye-catching flyers, posters, ads, merchandise and promotional items, all of which can be produced to your own specifications. Utilising my skills as an illustrator, I can create original artwork inspired by your music, so if that's of interest to you, please get in touch and we’ll discuss the details.

Album artwork illustration for Ease Springs - Who is Leonard Bopper?
Single Artwork Photo-based illustration for Ease Springs
Album CD Face Artwork for Richard Capener - River

Take a look at my Rates page to see my basic rates for the various services I offer. I have also compiled a selection of package deals, which should cover most needs and budgets, ranging from simple vocal recordings with a basic mix... ...to recording and mixing multiple instruments and vocals... ...and full music composition, sequencing and arrangement.

In addition to my music production packages, I’ve also included several design deals covering a variety of music-related packaging options, from CDs and vinyl to digital media, including USB sticks and images intended for online use. I can aslo liaise with printers on my clients' behalf.

I’ve created my package deals to cover a range of price brackets, so there should be something for everyone, whether you're a spoken word artist, singer or rapper, a solo artist, duo or a full band.

But, if you still can’t find what you're after, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss your project with you before offering you a tailored quote.