Multi-channel Mixing

Mixing involves a wide range of disciplines; knowing what frequencies to boost or cut, which channels to push, drop or pan, doesn't just come with experience, it also requires a musician's understanding of what the track needs in order to make it feel right.

Mixing music of any style involves a lot more than just balancing the levels of individual instruments. I can offer you my skills and expertise, as well as my creative inspiration, but I'm happy to be guided by your own style and musical direction. My primary aim is to provide my clients with a finished mixed track which really shines.

Multiple mixing techniques

Audio editing is an essential part of the mixing process and I have over 20 years experience of waveform editing, using a variety of software applications, as well as specialist hardware.

Plugins are a staple part of every recording engineer's diet, and these days there are a huge number from which to choose; reverbs, delays, EQs, compressors, filters, modulation and distortion effects, not to mention all the myriad virtual instruments available. I use all the above and more when mixing music and vocals, enabling me to control and adapt the audio in almost any way imaginable.

Then there are the more subtle techniques, which involve a few little tricks that can perceptibly improve the quality of the sound in many ways. From parallel processing to side-chaining, I'll use all the tricks of the trade to mix your music.

Check out my example tracks to hear some of the mixing I've done for previous clients...

Example tracks:

  1. A multi-layered recording for a 4-piece Americana band from Colchester called the Ghost Train Porters. This track reaches 6 simultaneous electric guitar layers supported by a live drums and upright bass rhythm section and a strong lead vocal.

  1. This is a rather long guitar solo taken from a track I worked on for David J Harvey, which is actually a composite of 14 separate improvised takes, which I selected and edited in order to produce the finished item.

I'll mix your audio, wherever it was recorded...

Have you recorded a demo at another studio but not been satisfied with the mix they've submitted...? Perhaps you've been recording your own project and you've found it hard to remain objective when mixing...?

Whatever the reason, I'm here to help! When working with audio recorded elsewhere, I always begin by analysing the sound quality of the source material, so that I can give you an honest appraisal as to whether it can be mixed to the standard you need. If so, I'll proceed with the mixing process.

The examples of my mixing work on this page should help to give you an idea of the variety of music I work with and the quality of the mixes I produce. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your own project.

Example tracks:

  1. I mixed this track for my client, Paul Dale, who had already produced the majority of the music in the digital realm, using software synths, samplers, drum machines and sequencers. He had also recorded his own guitar parts, but I recorded his vocals before mixing an album's worth of tracks, of which this is one example

  1. This track was recorded at another local studio, but the From The Bassment boys just weren't satisfied with the mix they'd been given. There were some shortcomings in the original audio, which was a little boxy on certain instruments, while others weren't affected. The vocals were rerecorded at Sidrat especially for this mix.