Graphic design for musicians

As a musician myself, with a number of musical projects under my belt, I have a strong insight into your needs when it comes to your visual identity, just as much as your audio one. I have worked with a great many artists and musicians over the years, and in a wide range of capacities, from recording and live sound engineering to production and live performance - and, of course, graphic design.

With this unique background in both audio and design, I am perfectly suited to creating logos, marketing, merchandise and more, specifically to suit your music and your needs.

Below is a little more information about what design services I can provide, as well as a few examples of my previous work. So, if you're interested in any of the following design services, please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss the details with you. 

CD cover design & album artwork

Get it out there!

I've produced a ton of CDs, DVDs, cover artwork, booklets and inlays over the years, for all sorts of purposes, including band demos, solo artist albums, and rappers mix-tapes, as well as compilation CDs for DJs, home meditations for yoga teachers, business portfolios, computer software and more...

Of course, these days things are a little different and artists don't necessarily produce CDs, preferring to release their tracks straight to YouTube, iTunes and other online retailers - or even onto MP3 Players. However, the need for artwork to represent an act's music is no less pressing, in fact it's increasingly important to provide your listeners with a visual connection, when there's no physical object for them to hold.

Every design calls for a different approach and the music on the disc, whatever it is, naturally imposes its own characteristics on the resultant cover art. I always endeavour to depict an appropriate outward image which reflects the disc's contents and, whatever the design, I guarantee it will look awesome!

Logo design

Why bother with a logo?

A good logo is instantly recognisable, allowing you to form a visual connection with your listeners, which is why it's so important to create a logo which suits your style. Logos are a great way to reinforce your act's image, which is the first step in building a cohesive brand that fans will get to know quickly, making a strong association between your logo and your music.

In order to achieve this effectively, you can use your new logo to promote yourself online in various ways and by creating a variety of printed items, such as CDs, posters, flyers and cards, as well as many promotional materials, like t-shirts, caps, MP3 players and much more.

Take a look at my Logo Design Packages, or if you prefer, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your project in more depth. The logos I have designed over the years haven't always been for musicians, but I feel they're relevant from a design perspective, illustrating the scope of possibilities when considering how your own logo could look.

A little inspiration goes a long way

As an experienced graphic designer, I have the creative skills required to design for you a stunning logo, ensuring it accurately portrays your music and appeals to your target audience.

First, however, I will need to discuss your own ideas with you, to ensure I create a design you can be proud of. If you don't have a strong idea of what you want, that's fine; I'll just need to find out what kind of other logos you like the look of, which will help me get a feel for the styles of design you appreciate.

I also find it very useful to know what your music is like and what kind of images it conjures up for me, and the best way I have found to do that is to watch you perform live, preferably at a gig, but a studio practice is also fine. If you have any recorded material, that can also be useful to hear.

Finally, I'll go over my thoughts with the band or artist to make sure I'm on the right path before I begin the process of creating a new logo design. I can then help you to choose the best applications for your logo or simply provide you with your completed logo design in a range of s and formats suitable for your needs.

Promo & Merch

Why not sweeten the pot...

Promotional materials, or merchandise, can come in all shapes and sizes; from business cards, beer mats and banners to t-shirts, hoodies and caps. Some items you'll give away for free, while others you'll want to charge for.

I can design and arrange for the print of almost anything you need, so please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements. But, if you need a little inspiration, here are a few ideas...

Business Cards - These are a great (and cheap!) way of promoting yourself. Better than flyers, cards can be easily slid into a wallet or phone case - and with a QR code included, your fans can simply scan it to visit your Facebook page, download a free track to their mobile or do any number of tech-related functions.

T-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. - clothes are brilliant for getting your name and logo out there - you just have to make them appealing enough for your potential buyers to be willing to wear them. Whatever items you need, I can help you get the design just right - give me a call to go over the details.