Basic Rates

Below are my basic hourly and daily rates, for the various types of work I do. I used these rates to work out all my packages, which can be found on the sub-pages under this one. I have arranged my packages on separate pages for vocalists, solo artists (or duos) and bands. There's also packages for MIDI sequencing of backing tracks and accompaniments, as well as my design packages.

My minimum fee for any audio production work is £50, but I always strive to help you make the most of that £50. For instance, two hours of vocal recording and one hour of mixing, comes to £50, in which time (if you've been practising) we could record and mix an entire album!

Music Production Rates:

  • Recording = £15/hr

  • Mixing = £20/hr

  • Sequencing = £25/hr

  • Production = £70-£100/day

Location Recording Rates:

  • Location Recording #1 = £50
    (using recording equipment already set up and ready to use at the venue)

  • Location Recording #2 = £100
    (using my recording equipment, which will need to be packed and transported both ways, set up and taken down)

  • Expenses = £-.--
    (for travel, food and drink, etc., dependent on distance and session duration)

Graphic Design Rates:

  • Illustration = £30/hr

  • Creative Design = £25/hr

  • Artworking (document layout) = £15/hr