Music Production

What is Music Production?

Recording, Mixing & Sequencing

When working in music production, my job has a lot of different aspects. First and foremost I think of myself as an engineer, which covers both recording and mixing, but when I'm sequencing original compositions for backing tracks and accompaniments, I'm also an artist myself. At that point the recording and mixing become part of the process and these three areas form the lion's share of music production for me.

Creative Direction

However, as a producer, it can sometimes be my responsibility to steer your sound in a positive direction. I'll be there to guide you during the recording process, making suggestions and offering advice when I think it's needed. I may even suggest slight alterations to the structure of your tracks, if I feel it could improve their impact. I can also help you to develop your playing by tightening up your performance in the studio environment, which is much less forgiving than on stage.

Session Musicians

An excellent alternative (or addition) to sequenced backing music and accompaniments, which is well worth considering, is live session musicians, who are capable of adding another dimension to your music. I have a range of highly talented contacts who play a diverse cross-section of the world's musical instruments. Just tell me what you need and I'll source the best session musicians for your track.