Graphic design for all

Nowadays, making people aware of your music is as much about how you look as it is about how you sound. You'd be surprised how many great bands, musicians and vocalists are out there making amazing music that nobody will ever hear, because they haven't taken the time to create an effective visual identity, which could grab the attention of their future fans.

The same is true for businesses - if your business doesn't have a memorable image, previous clients may not return and potential customers won't even give you a second look! A good strong logo, coupled with a consistent and bold styling can do wonders for your brand. And when this is applied to the right marketing materials - printed or online - it will boost your appeal significantly.

I can help you to achieve just the right look for your project, whether you're a solo artist, part of a group of singers or musicians - or if you're running your own business. With my unique set of skills, I am able to produce a wide range of marketing materials, chosen and designed specifically to appeal to your target market. I can even arrange for all the printed item you may need.