Terms & Conditions

By commissioning Sidrat Studios to carry out work on your behalf, you the client agree to the following Terms of Business and enter into a binding contract to which both parties are obliged to adhere.  Please be sure to read through the following points before requesting the commencement of any work.

1 - The Job Process

The following process describes the lifespan of a standard job and the responsibilities of Sidrat Studios and you, the client, at each stage throughout the job process. It's essentially a series of options from which the client can choose; from the initial brief and the resulting quote, to the final high-resolution files being supplied.


When you, the client, agree to the quote we supply, you are agreeing to all aspects of this process, as well as the proceeding Terms & Conditions:

Phase 1:

Enquiry, Briefing & Quotes:

Enquiry received & Brief supplied by client

Quote provided to client

Client rejects quote and looks elsewhere = no charge

  --  OR  --

Phase 2:

Initial Invoicing:

Client accepts quote and agrees to proceed with job

Pro forma Invoice containing details of quoted work provided to client

Client backs out of agreement = £50 fee

  --  OR  --

Phase 3:

Initial Payment, Work & 1st Proof:

Client makes initial 50% payment

Work commences and proceeds as per brief

1st proof supplied to client

Client approves 1st proof - go to Phase 6: Final Payment

  --  OR  --

Phase 4:

Minor Changes & 2nd FREE Proof:

Client requests minor changes

1st set of minor changes applied FREE of charge

2nd FREE proof supplied to client

Client approves 2nd proof - go to Phase 6: Final Payment

  --  OR  --

Phase 5:

Author's Corrections & Additional Proofs:

Client requests additional minor and/or major changes

All additional changes applied and timed

Further proofs supplied until Client approves final proof - go to Phase 6: Final Payment

  --  THEN LASTLY  --

Phase 6:

Final Payment & Files:

Final Invoice issued to client

Client makes final 50% payment (+ Author's Corrections, if required) within 7 days of invoice date.

High-resolution data files provided to client and/or 3rd party printer, duplicator, etc.

2 - Preparation

All new clients are required to provide their contact details via our standard client form.

Prior to providing a quote, if both parties deem it necessary, we will be happy to discuss with you the details of your brief in further depth, covering all pertinent areas thoroughly, in order to ensure your confidence in our full understanding of every aspect.

Clients are responsible for their own preparation in advance of the work commensing. This applies to graphic design, as well as to music production. For instance, images will need to be supplied at a sufficient resolution, as will backing tracks for recording sessions. Equally, if your photoshoot is delayed, or your singer isn't sufficiently practiced, it's often better to postpone the job than to plough ahead. We will, of course, let the client know what we require from them in advance, so as to avoid any unnecessary delays. However, if the work takes longer than expected due to a lack of preparation on the part of the client, they will be liable for any unplanned costs incurred.

3 - Prices, Payments & Work

All prices are correct at the time of publishing. However, we reserve the right to amend our prices without prior notification.

50% of the final agreed quote is to be paid in advance of any work being carried out. The remaining sum, including any additional costs incurred through Author's Corrections (See Part 1, above), is due in full upon completion of the work, payment to be made within 7 days of the date on the final invoice. This is a non-refundable deposit.

Should additional work be required in order to complete a job, which goes beyond the bounds of the original brief or exceeds the agreed quote, we shall inform the client so that they can make the final decision before proceeding.

If the client approves additional work, they will be liable for the extra cost, which will be reflected in the final invoice and charged at the appropriate hourly rate.

4 - Proofing &
Author's Corrections

The client will be supplied with an initial proof to check that all is in order before continuing to the next stage of the process, whether that is making changes or going to print, etc.

Every job includes a FREE re-proof. The 1st set of minor changes, following the initial proof, are free of charge, excluding major or substantial changes or complete re-designs/re-mixes.

Further proofs will be supplied to the client until they are satisfied with the end result. These will be charged at the appropriate rate.

All Author's Corrections are charged at the appropriate rates. However, some minor changes may be made without charge, at our discretion.

Proofs may contain a visible or audible watermark and/or may be supplied at low resolution in an appropriate data format.

It's rare that we miss errors, due to our rigorous pre-proofing system, but it can happen from time to time - we're only human, after all... However, any errors on our part, to which you bring our attention during the proofing process, will be amended without question and without charge.

It is important that the client checks all proofs thoroughly before giving their approval to proceed to the final stage of the job. By 'signing off' on the final proof the client confirms their approval of the work and accepts all responsibility for any remaining errors that may have been overlooked during the proofing process.

5 - Bookings & Cancellations

When commissioning design work, if the client agrees in writing to the quote we have supplied, that is then considered to be a legally binding contract to which both parties are obliged to adhere.

We will send a pro forma invoice in advance of the client making their initial payment. If the client then decides to cancel the job, prior to the commencement of work, they will be required to pay a £50 cancellation fee.

If work has commenced and is proceeding as planned, but the client then decides to cancel part way through the project, this is deemed to be a breach of contract. At my discretion, this may result in an exit fee of £50 plus any outstanding Author's Corrections, as per the agreed quote. Should I choose to exercise this right, a final invoice will be supplied to the client who must pay this fee within 7 days of receiving said invoice.

When booking studio time (recording, mixing, production, etc.), a date and time will be arranged in advance to which both parties are required to adhere.

Cancelling a booking within 48 hours of the arranged date and time, including postponement, will result in a cancellation fee of £50.

Failing to attend a booked session without notice may, at our discretion, result in the loss of your 50% deposit. However, should you wish to re-book the session for a later date, your deposit will still count towards your full payment, but a fee of £50 for the 'no-show' will be added to your final bill.

6 - 3rd Party Suppliers
(Print, Coding, Duplication...)

When placing print or HTML coding or arranging for CD/DVD duplication, etc., on behalf of our clients, we require full payment in advance for all items.

The items we arrange to be printed, coded or duplicated, etc., on behalf of our clients will incur a Broker's Fee, in exchange for this service. The Broker's Fee covers all interaction and negotiation with 3rd party suppliers, including complaints, reprints, etc.

Sidrat Studios takes no responsibility for errors occurring during the print, coding or duplication process, etc., carried out by a 3rd party on behalf of our client. However, we will always endeavour to arrange for these errors to be addressed and amended, if possible.

7 - Graphics & Audio Data
file handling

Non-watermarked high-resolution flattened artwork and/or audio files will be supplied to the client upon receipt of their final payment. All final flat artwork and stereo mixes, once paid for by the client, are their property to do with as they wish.

Sidrat Studios takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of any graphics, audio or other data files produced during the duration of the job. Our responsibility ends once the work is completed, payment has been received and final flattened artwork or stereo mixes have been supplied to the client.

Sidrat Studios retains the intellectual property rights to all multi-track audio session files, multi-layered image documents and any separate or component graphic or audio files produced in the creation of said artwork or mixes. If the client wishes to take ownership of these data files, an equitable agreement will need to be reached as to the value of the data in question.

Sidrat Studios reserves the right to use any design and audio we produce for our own advertising and marketing purposes. We will not distribute your work for profit, but will use it only as a form of promotion for our own services.

8 - Privacy

All information provided to Sidrat Studios will be held on our secure database and remain strictly confidential. This information will not be shared with any third party.

Your rights, under the GDPR 2018 will be fully adhered to, including your right to have your details provided, updated and erased, if you so wish. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us for details.